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    Staying Connected with Your Teenager: Learn Some Ways

    The best part about coming home is that the Wi-Fi connects automatically. I mean, in this digital world, who wouldn’t like hassle-free internet connection that welcomes you home with so much warmth? No complications. Life is good.

    Wouldn’t relationships be so much easier if we could connect with people like that? Especially the closest of relationships like that between a child and its parent?

    It looks so much easy initially. Your child is born. You love, caress, nourish it and protect it with all your might. But as it grows, things start getting difficult, especially during adolescent years. Why is it so?

    The adolescent period or the “teens” (sounds more cool) is one tricky phase. The child is no longer a kid, not yet an adult. It is somewhere in between, being a complete douche bag, whining and cribbing about every change in its body, physical or mental. It builds an impermeable wall around itself. It enjoys peer group company more and start complaining about being misunderstood and turn rebellious. Parents may have a hard time dealing with the child during this phase. Clash!

    Since your child is facing the challenges of adolescence with hormones playing a havoc, making it a physical, emotional, mental roller-coaster ride, you can use a few parenting tips to still maintain a strong connection with your teen. Deal with your child’s questions, curiosities, insecurities maturely, like a friend. Don’t be judgmental.

    • Guide them about what is right and wrong by giving examples from stories rather than comparing them with other children. Children tend to understand better if they can build an image of the learning.
    • Don’t be straightaway disapproving of your child’s choice, new crush etc. Talk them through about pros and cons.
    • Engage but not over engage in your child’s life. Give it space and let it develop its own sense of individuality.
    • Plan short family excursions/ fun trips with your child. Let them know you are available no matter how busy you are. Be their confidant.

    Happy parenting!

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