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    First Year After Childbirth: What the Journey of Motherhood Be Like?

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    A mother is born the moment when child enters her womb. The woman existed, but the mother, never, not until a child is born. However, it is not easy, the sacrifice of labor, contracting, cramping, pushing and the incomparable struggle to bring a baby into this world. Nothing is compared to the sweetness of that first kiss. Motherhood is a joy and sometimes in this journey, mothers tend to experience disappointment, frustration, worry and even anger and fear. In addition to the big achievement of becoming a mother, there are chances that you may encounter a new set of physical and emotional symptoms.

    Here we have mentioned few changes that you may notice in the first year after the childbirth:

    Changes in Family Dynamics: Giving birth to a child is not only creating a new human being, but also creating a new family. A baby acts as a catalyst to open new possibilities for more intimate relationships in the family. But it is also the factor that brings new tensions into a woman’s relationships with husband, family and friends.

    Feeding your baby: Children are breastfed exclusively for first six months. And, breastfeeding is a physical experience. It is very important for the baby as breast milk comprises valuable antibodies which will help a child to establish strong immune system.

    Exercising: Say anything, one thing that is true is that babies are inconvenient. Right from disturbing your schedules to your sleep and your stellar punctuality record, it can also affect the relationships. Ignore the dishes. Take time for yourself and let slide and rejoice when you make it.

    The experiences that new mothers face in motherhood journey cannot be explained in words. When we talk about emotional and psychological changes, the healthcare providers can reach a better perception. So, be energetic and happy, your baby is a year old now, so as you as a mother!

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