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    Handling Picky Bad Eating Habits of Toddlers

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    Toddlers are given chocolates, chips, burgers, pizzas, ice-creams, biscuits, sweetened beverages & other readymade food options, basically JUNK, on a regular basis. Do you have an idea of how hazardous they can be to your precious little humans.? No? Then you must read below:-

    1. Reduction in comprehensive speed.

    2. Heart issues in future.

    3. Slow grasping ability.

    4. Bad physical strength.

    5. Aggression.

    6. Digestive issues.

    7. Bad dental issues.

    8. Allergies.

    9. Constipation.

    10. Low immunity.

    11. Sleep disorders.

    All negative, nothing positive at all.

    Watch what you give them. These foods will never let them switch to healthy food easily. If you have been following this pattern, stop it at once!

    I have 3 toddlers with different choices of food and taste. Yes, they get attracted to all these colorfully packed "mini-poison" around, but it is our responsibility to make them eat healthy.

    Some tips that would help a picky/bad food eater at home:-

    1. Throw away all junk from home. You need to stop eating them first. Ask me? I have a handful of chocolates and biscuits at home that I eat rarely when they are asleep or aren't around.
    2. Start feeding them home food right from when they start solids. Avoid giving them outside food. They will slowly get used to what you introduce to them.
    3. Give them variety of food, fruits & vegetables. Let them choose and pick only from the healthy options.
    4. Avoid showing them unhealthy food at all. If they discover them later outside home, they know that it's not meant for them.
    5. Plan meals each day and let the family sit together for each meal. This way, they wouldn't skip their meals and learnui the right times to eat.
    6. Apart from meal times, give them fruits, wheats, breads, juices, or homemade healthy snacks, but avoid outside snacks completely.
    7. Give them food only if they ask for. Let them understand what hunger is, and that only good food would satisfy their hunger, not any snack.
    8. I don't completely avoid snacks. I give them very little when they spot others munching on them while travelling or with other members of family. Also, I explain them the harm that these snacks cause.
    9. Try to make biscuits, chocolates, icecreams & cakes at home using healthy ingredients. Google is always there to help with recipes.
    10. Don't let your laziness or your busy schedule to take a toll on their health.
    11. Home cooked is the best.
    12. Explain to the extended family what and how much you prefer them to feed your children.
    13. Set an example to your child. If not early, later they will definitely understand that you are right.
    14. Sometimes, cheating is ok, like at a birthday party or on a picnic. But make sure you explain them the harm and take care of their dental & digestion issues.
    15. When your child says no to a healthy food, try with some other healthy food. Never alternate it with unhealthy ones. That will become a habit. Let them be hungry for sometime and learn that they have to eat what you served.
    16. Make a pattern and a food chart and stick to it. Let them know that this is what has to be followed.
    17. We all know the harmful effects of sugar, baking soda, preservatives and additives. They are hazardous to an adult body too. Imagine the harm they cause to sensitive little humans.

    It's not rocket science to make your child eat good. It's that, what ever you give them at this toddler age, they would sustain the same habits for a lifetime. So plan, discuss with a doctor or expert, do some research, have an active mind and body. It's only a few years you need to work extra miles for their better future. After all, if it's not you, then who will.???

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