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    How Can Parents Support Healthy Adolescent Development?

    Teenage years are indeed tumultuous not just for an adolescent but its parents. Parents say right, child goes left. There is a constant air of tension and rebellion. Blame the hormones much, eh?

    While this clash may not stop, it is imperative that parents steer and support their child’s adolescence, given these years are crucial in framing up a child’s future years. Here are 5 ways in which you can support a healthy adolescent development of your teen:

    1. Healthy diet and exercise routine: The child’s sudden growth spurt, hormonal shoot makes the body need good nutrition and exercise. As a parent, guide your child to inculcate the habit of exercising regularly and eating healthy food. You can reward you child with a cheat day once in a while. This will help maintain the balance.
    2. Introduce them to a hobby: ‘All work no play makes Jack a dull boy’ Heard much? As your child clears up grades, studies indeed get tougher. Instead of just pushing your child to study harder, make them take up a hobby they like. Swimming, dancing, martial arts, sports etc. keep a physical and mental balance. The child learns team skills, soft skills and becomes a competent individual. This channelizes its energy in different areas other than just studies, providing holistic development.
    3. The act of balancing: Your child is going through a lot of new experiences in adolescence. He is confused and anxious. It is a phase where it is bound to get attracted to individuals of the opposite gender as well as get curious about a lot of taboo topics like sex, alcohol, drugs etc. Instead of being a strict parent and misunderstanding, try to be lenient when needed. Make them comfortable by talking about all their curiosities instead off brushing it off as wrong. Show them the right path by weighing pros and cons of each of the issues they face. This way, he child will have a sense of freedom while talking to you and not hide things from you. A transparent bond between you will be built.
    4. A check on gadgets, social media usage, pornographic content: We live in a digital world. Everything is available on the net with the click of a button. Sometimes under the influence of peer groups, teens get addicted to wrong things. As a parent, talk it out with your child instead of panicking. A total curfew on such usage may make them rebellious and drift from you, so choose the right ways like examples, stories or a walk session. Be aware and know when to intervene.
    5. Be friendly: Often parents in their act of parenting and protecting their child go over the top and invade a child’s sense of self. This makes the child rebellious and go against them. Act like a friend more than a parent and understand your child’s psyche. Be a person they confide in. Strict ways don’t always give successful results.


    Happy parenting!


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