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    Beware of These Warning Signs During Pregnancy

    Sonali Shivlani

    Symptoms that women experience during pregnancy are most of the time normal, even if they are uncomfortable. Those symptoms are the result of pregnancy. But some symptoms can be alarming too. So how to know whether the symptoms you are experiencing are normal or are something to worry about. It’s always suggested in these situations to consult your attending gynecologist.

     However there are some signs that you must report to the doctor as soon as possible :

    1. A usual pattern of cramps in the abdomen or lower back spasms 
    2. Bleeding or spotting from vagina
    3. Excessive vaginal discharge which is uncomfortable
    4. Sudden splitting headache 
    5. Blurred vision
    6. Dizziness and disorientation
    7. Excessive vomiting
    8. Significant decrease in fetal activity.
    9. High body temperature up to 99.5°F                         
    10. Pain or burning sensation during urination. 
    11. Persistent calf pain which is severe and does not go away with stretching and walking.
    12. Excessive pelvic pressure which feels like your baby is pushing down. If this happens post week 37 then it's normal.
    13. Persistent swelling in the face, puffiness around the eyes and sudden onset of swelling of hands feet and ankles.
    14. Rapid weight gain or unexplained weight loss.
    15. Excessive itching of the torso, arms, legs, palms, soles of the feet or if you have a feeling of itchiness all over your body.
    16. If you experience a fall or physical trauma which could have resulted in abdominal injury.
    17. If you are feeling overly anxious, irritable, unable to focus or any other such signs which could indicate that you may be headed towards depression.
    18. If you have shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing even in a state of rest.
    19. Regular contractions which happen before week 37 and can be timed and placed in a pattern.
    20. Any other sign or symptom which makes you feel uncomfortable. After all the most important thing is to trust your instincts.

    Whenever you experience these symptoms you should consult your gynecologist immediately because these symptoms of pregnancy are some of the warning signs which you cannot ignore. Even if you are in doubt consult your doctor. 

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