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    Simple Tips to Help a Baby Learn Crawling

    Isn't it amazing when your baby starts scooting across the floor? The baby's abilities don't develop overnight. There is hard work and patience of parents too, which is involved that helps baby to master these motor skills. Crawling is actually a pretty complex process. However, there are a number of important developmental milestones that your baby will reach. And, crawling is one of them. From simple & little achievements like sitting up or lifting their head to doing advanced movements like rolling over, baby's each step is a heartwarming. But, there is nothing like witnessing a baby crawling for the first time! A baby usually starts crawling between 7-9 months and many of them start to walk around their first birthday. So, below mentioned are some of the tips to help your baby crawl.

    1. Roll with it: Once you see your baby can lift head while staying on the stomach, this is the sign that baby is almost ready to roll. Help your baby do it with your support. One thing that you should remember is that baby's rolling abilities are stronger than you think, so keep a firm hold.
    2. Let your Baby play with hands elevated: This is another way by which you can help your baby’s muscles to grow. Help them to play with their hands elevated. Also, you can try to encourage them to put their hands onto elevated objects while they’re sitting down.
    3. Position toys out of reach: Once the baby is ready to crawl and creep, make sure to put their toys slightly off the floor. This activity will encourage a baby to lift their head and push up onto their hands and knees to reach their toy.

    These are some of the tips that you should follow to help your baby crawl. However, you don’t need to worry about your baby’s movement, still, if you notice any abnormality in baby's movement, speak with a doctor.

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