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    Low Milk Supply? Know how to Fix It

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    Congratulations! You are a mother now. But, being a mother gives a lot of responsibilities and worries too. After dealing with the labor, there are now other things to deal with and one of them is low breast milk supply for your infant. Firstly, ensure that your milk is low because mothers tend to think that when it really isn’t. And to know this, keep a watch on your baby, if he is gaining weight alone on breast milk. Apart from that, you have to keep a watch on how you feel the breasts, the frequency of your nursing and the sensation of let-down.

    However, if a baby is becoming crabby or wants you to nurse just immediately after eating, it is natural to worry for a mother if she is not producing enough milk. Breastfeeding newborn can be stressful task for new mums. Below mentioned are some of the solutions that will help you to deal with a low supply of breast milk.

    1. More skin to skin contact with baby: You could try having skin to skin contact with your baby before and after breastfeeding to increase the hormone oxytocin which helps to make your milk flowing.
    2. Feeding the right way: The baby’s breastfeeding position and latch should be correct. Apart from this allow the baby to empty the breast milk at each feeding. And, make sure to feed your baby on his demand and not following your own rigid schedules.
    3. See a lactation consultant: Apart from trying your own ways, you can see a lactation consultant. Breastfeeding problems are common with moms and they can help with proper positioning and latch. She will help you by giving personalized tips for increasing your milk supply and monitor your baby's weight.

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