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    Sex Education: Tips for Talking with Children

    Sex education, nowadays, is a compulsory part of the school curriculum. This is necessary because school-based sex education improves sexual health outcomes for teenagers. Education on sexuality is a way of providing knowledge to the children so that they are able to manage their sexual well-being. Topics of sex education include bodies, privacy, behaviors and the ‘place’ of sex in one’s life. Parents also may want to know about the content that is delivered in the school to their children. But, it is true that most of the parents find it difficult to talk to their children about sexual matters. 

    No matter how awkward it may be, sex education is a parent's responsibility. It needs to happen at home, too. As proper sex education is an essential part of promoting healthy living, we have mentioned some of the tips for parents to help them get started: 

    1. Keep it casual and maintain eye contact: One thing that you should always remember is not to make talking about sex a special occasion. Talk to your children while doing everyday tasks and maintain eye contact with them avoiding it can suggest embarrassment or discomfort. Don't make talking about sex a taboo. 
    2. Talk about facts vs. beliefs: Factual information can sometimes challenge a personal belief. Or it can contradict what a community believes. Do talk about facts, but at the same time talk about beliefs too as this can provide an opportunity to make sure that your child has both information. 
    3. Be honest and direct: At some point, you may be uncomfortable too, be honest and say so. However, explain that it's important to keep talking. With this, be direct and clear. State your feelings clear about specific issues, like oral sex and intercourse. Let them know about sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy. 
    4. Let them know you are available: This is necessary because when they come to an age, they should be comfortable to talk to you, especially sex as it has been a taboo subject. Parents should communicate their children that they are the primary source of information about sex. 
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