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    My Yoga Teacher Told Me to Start Yoga as I Am Trying to Get Pregnant, Is that a Good Idea?

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    Some couples conceive easily with little planning, but it takes more time and planning for others. According to the National Health Service (2018) report, around 20% of couples require more than one year to achieve pregnancy

    However, the journey where you try to conceive is not easy. The couple goes through emotional turmoil. In this situation, a healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet, regular sleep patterns, and de-stress activities such as yoga and exercises, plays a paramount role and improves the odds of achieving pregnancy. 

    How Does Yoga Help In Conceiving?

    Although, no research has shown a direct connection between yoga and getting pregnant. But, a few studies reveal yoga's indirect benefits for those trying to conceive. Here is how yoga helps in achieving pregnancy:

    ⦁ De-stress Yourself: Stress has a negative impact on the ability to achieve pregnancy.

    ⦁ Studies have revealed that stress decreases men's total sperm count and sperm density.

    ⦁ Studies have shown that women release a substance (alpha-amylase) in stress, which is linked to fewer chances of getting pregnant. 

    So, practicing regular yoga can reduce stress on the couple and improve their odds of achieving pregnancy. Also, another study found that yoga reduces stress in women receiving infertility treatment.  

    ⦁ Prioritise Sleep:

    ⦁ Studies have shown that sleep affects our body's hormone production and regulation, including men's and women's sex hormones. The hormones affect ovulation, women's cycle, and overall reproductive health, making conception easy.

    ⦁ Studies reveal that yoga improves sleep quality and helps manage sleeplessness.  

    ⦁ Prepare Your Body for the Baby: Yoga is a boon for overall health and helps women prepare for the baby. Yoga tones and tightens the muscles. It improves menstrual health and fertility. And most importantly, it relaxes the body and mind. 

    Summing Up

    The couple must practice yoga postures to optimize flow in pelvic regions, deep relaxation, and breathing techniques that improve the chances of conception. Yoga has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. You learn more about yoga postures to achieve pregnancy here.

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