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    Depressed Over Pregnancy Weight Gain? (connect with Nutritionist and Dietician or Pregnancy Weight Gain Tracker)

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    Gaining weight is natural and necessary during pregnancy but some women cannot cope up with the amount of weight gain. Women get worried and sometimes even depressed about gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy and that they will not look the same after pregnancy.

    This is one of the leading cause of postpartum depression in women. Many a times women don’t want to have children because of this fear.

    So how to manage weight and depression due to weight gain during pregnancy?

    It is necessary to eat healthy during pregnancy. Eating a balanced diet will give your baby all the required nutrients important for proper growth. But the question arises that how much calories is needed?

    It is obvious that you need some extra calories but it is not necessary to eat a lot. The average calories required for a pregnant women are about 300 extra calories. This will help you to gain required amount of weight during pregnancy.

    Before you get pregnant, you should make up your mind that your body will go through a lot of changes during this phase and you will not look exactly the same after delivery. Instead of remaining focused on weight gain focus on health and fitness of your baby and yourself.

    Talk to your physician and even consult a dietician about how much calories you should take and get a diet chart prepared for it. Eating healthy is very necessary during this phase.

    If you have put on extra weight don’t worry about it. Talk to your physician.

    Exercise and yoga also plays a very important role in maintenance of proper health during pregnancy. Consult a proper trainer for the same.

    Even you are too much worried about the weight gain and you see symptoms of depression consult a psychiatrist for the same and get treated.

    It is necessary to stay happy, healthy and fit during this phase for you and your baby.

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