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    Why Are Heart Attacks on the Rise Among Pregnant Women?

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    During pregnancy women’s go through a lot of stress, which obviously targets their heath. Thinking if their baby will be fine, if everything will go smoothly and etc., women’s go through a lot of tension, and yes, their blood pressure Can target their heart. It’s not always necessary that only if mommies had heart problem history, they’ll suffer from heart attack it can happen to any women.

    WHAT are the causes of heart attack among pregnant women’s?  

    • There is a condition called ‘preeclampsia’ which is indicated when there is presence of high blood pressure and protein present in the urine. Preeclampsia is known to raise the risk of heart attack during pregnancy and can even carry after pregnancy. 
    • Gestation diabetes also contributes to heart attack, although gestation diabetes resolves after the baby is born, but this increases the risk of diabetes later, some women get type 2 gestation diabetes which turns a risk of heart attack.
    • Due to some habits like smoking, and problems like diabetes and high cholesterol the arteries on the either side of the neck becomes narrow, which makes it harder to pump blood and to carry it through vessels, this causes a restriction of blood flow and holds power to cause heart attack to pregnant mommies.
    • Some mothers are victim to heart attack because of family history of atherosclerosis and even by fat buildup during pregnancy. High buildup of fat can be treated by maintaining your heath by doing workouts.
    • When the blood volume becomes high it leads to heart failure, and conditions like such weakens the heart muscles as well. This can cause problem while supplying blood to the body vessels and can cause risky results.

    A research has found that mostly pregnant women suffer heart attack due to the stress taken by them which effects their cardiovascular system, pregnant women shouldn’t indulge in habits like smoking and should take less stress. However, one can reduce the chances of developing gestational diabetes by following a healthy pregnancy diet. It is advisable to consult a prenatal dietician for a healthy diet during pregnancy.

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