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    Baby-wearing Is a Blessing

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    I am an anytime-anywhere travel person who hates staying at home all day. It can be as simple as buying groceries or meeting a friend/relative. I love to get out of home at least once a day.

    Being a full time mommy, these little getaways are like mini vacations. A simple 10 min outing is a stress buster. But not always. Maybe I get some physical relief from kids, but my mind is always wandering around them.

    Though daddy takes care really well, this "over-thoughtful" mom in me doesn't let me be at peace at all.

    So, I take them all along with me thanks to the variety of baby carriers available for parents. We discovered baby wearing when our first child was 10 months old. We found one in a baby store in a mall and bought it at once.

    Mothers have been baby-wearing since ages. After some research on more models & varieties of babycarriers, I learnt their super benefits for both moms & little babies that I find worth sharing.

    1. It’s Good For Cognitive & Social Development. Babies cry less and observe everything around. Such babies get social easily.

    2. It prevents flat head syndrome. Babies who lie down most of the time develop a flat head.

    3. It provides stable heart rate and body temperature for babies since they are clinged to mothers.

    4. Babywearing can help fight colic.

    5. Parents get the freedom and convenience to travel and multi-task.

    6. It reduces postnatal depression.

    7. Breastfeeding becomes easier in public.

    8. It helps form closer bonds with babies.

    9. It helps spend more quality time with elder children.

    We have been enjoying babywearing and how I want these cuties not to outgrow them. I love the fact that I can jump all the queues and am served first at movie theatres, restaurants & supermarkets.

    I have expressed my personal experience here and recommend babywearing to all parents. It's the best experience you and your baby can ever have. Also, it's amazing to find daddies babywearing too these days strengthening bonds with babies.


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