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    Enhance Brain Development of 1-2-year-old Kids via Early Learning Activities

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    Activities for 1-2-year-old should always be created with keeping few basic points:

    1. Safety: No sharp or pointed edges/objects. Bigger size to avoid mouthing or swallowing.
    2. Colorful: Bright colors attract little kids
    3. Multi-textured: Enhances their sensory development
    4. No harmful chemicals/toxins

    Few interesting activities that will facilitate fine & gross motor skills development along with hand-eye coordination; emotional, social & language development; understanding/logical reasoning; using different senses; are good for enhancing physical & mental development in children.

    • Play dough/Clay/ wheat dough etc.
    • Finger painting/ hand painting/ foot painting/ vegetable painting
    • Sensory bins with beans/rice/cornflakes etc.
    • Dropping pom poms through tissue roll stuck to wall
    • Treasure box with objects/toys of different colors, sizes and textures
    • Frozen toys (can add food color too)
    • Paper plate face mask
    • Slot Box (use tissue box or any other box for dropping)
    • Board books; Touch & feel books
    • Felt/cloth activity book
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