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    Foods You Should Feed Your Baby Before Age 1?

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    There could be nothing happier thing like watching your sweet baby grow day by day. We watch them cross so many milestones and new things, and with this, we wish if we could just bottle it all up. One such important milestone for your toddler is eating solid foods! Remember, variety is the spice when it comes to feeding your baby with food. More fruits and vegetables that you give to your baby before age one, it is more likely that they will eat a variety of produce by the time they are grown. When it comes to feeding solids to a baby, every mom is different. But the question comes what foods should you give to your baby before they celebrate first birthday? Don't worry, we have got you sorted. So, get cooking, mama! 

    1. Iron-Fortified Cereal: Iron is an important ingredient of the body. Babies are born with a natural supply of iron, but somehow it gets depleted by the time they are around six months old. So, introducing iron-rich foods is essential for the baby.  
    2. Introducing Vegetables: Once your baby start eating iron-rich food, it’s time for veggies. Some of the great veggies that you could try are carrots, squash, green beans, green peas, and sweet potatoes. Remember, all have to be in puree form. 
    3. Berries: You will notice that babies eat with their eyes. And what's could be more attractive than bright red or dusky berries? Give your baby chopped berries or blend them for a delectable puree. 
    4. Spinach and Other Leafy Greens: Babies are always open to try new foods. However, they do make faces, sometimes funny and sometimes cranky. Don't give up offering and include leafy greens in their diet. Consult an expert if you want. 

    This was the list of some of the foods which you could try feeding your baby before age 1. So, go ahead and try a little bit of experiment each time. 

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