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    Baby Blocked Nose: Effective Ideas to Deal

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    Little ones are delicate. They can get cranky and irritable even when there is a small thing. And, when they are down with a cold and a blocked nose, you know how they can react to it. 

    A stuffy nose can be very uncomfortable for the baby. It may adversely affect their feeding and sleeping schedule. Although, we all know that colds are common in infants as their immune system is still developing. Infants are prone to catch a cold more quickly, and the symptoms include a blocked or runny nose, sneezing or a high temperature. 

    It is understood that as a new parent, you might be worrying about your newborn's stuffy nose. However, there is a remedy for everything. It is important for you to know how to make newborn care and treat the stuffy nose.

    Below mentioned are some of the simple solutions to help to get your baby's nose clear:

    1. Use Saline Drops: These are easily available at the store. First, pour a few drops to the nostril of an infant, and then by making use of a bulb syringe, try to pull out mucus. It is one of the safest methods to do at home and you can repeat this method as often as you need.
    2. Elevate infant's head while sleeping: While your infant is sleeping, elevate his head with the help of a pillow. Else, it can be done by just adding a crib wedge. Just remember to avoid doing this method much as this can put the infant at risk.
    3. Eucalyptus oil: One of the best remedies to take care of stuffy nose is using Eucalyptus oil to treat cold and open nasal blocks. This is helpful in relieving pain associated with cold and cough. Use just a few drops as the smell may be too strong for infants.

    You can try all these remedies at home. If there is anything serious that you see, consult your doctor without delay.

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