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    How to Develop Early Numeracy Skills in Your Kids

    Is your kid a 5-year-old ready to join kindergarten? Are you worried as to how the apple of your eye will do? 

    When we are kids and start getting formal education, we initially cry everyday on our way to school, go through a lot of emotional turmoil and fear leaving our parents to go to a strange place called school. Gradually, we make friends, get used to the books and what’s in them. However, a trend has emerged lately of disliking or fearing a subject called Mathematics. 

    Numerophobia (fear of numbers) is seen in a child early on these days. If not tackled at a young age, it can be quite challenging to deal with it as the child grows up, given aptitude tests for professional courses require one to be a pro at numbers. 

    Panic attack already? Relax. As a parent, you can help. 

    So before your child comes running in a frenzy to you or you see more red marks on its report card/notebooks, you can be the saviour.

    Build numeracy skills in your child early on. It is said that children learn as they play, most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. Make numbers fun for them. While cooking, let them make fractions of ingredients needed, sing number songs with them to teach counting, make colourful flashcards of numbers to teach addition, subtraction, multiplication. Ask them to add the numbers on the number plate of vehicles while you take them out. Reward them if they are right as this adds to their self-esteem. 

    The cognitive development of your child at this age allows it to grasp and retain things very efficiently. If an aptitude for numbers is built now, it is likely to stay long. 

    Mould your child early on. 

    Happy parenting!

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