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    How to Manage Aggressive Behaviour in Your Child?

    How to manage aggressive behavior in your child?

    Isn’t it frustrating when you see your kid throwing tantrums in the middle of the shopping mall? And when you ask them to slow down, they throw you aggressive attitude! And for once you feel like you might have lost that power to hold them back? Well don’t worry, this is normal, let’s just take it as a step-in personality development in adolescence.

    But what causes this aggressive behaviour in kids? 

    This is a common problem among kids, and sometimes mommies find it even more difficult on how to deal with their kids? Mostly, this aggression takes place when your kid is 3 to 8 years old. You can notice their aggression first in the form of verbal, that is when they start shouting on little matters, screaming to get what they want, but later it turns to physical form when they start using their hands to pinch, kicking, or even spitting on people around them. It can be very difficult for their parents to deal with such attitude on everyday basis, but here are some ways through which you can manage their aggression.

    Ways to manage aggression in kids:

    • If your kid shows aggression or throws tantrum, do not shout on them, as this will make them more and more aggressive, instead calm yourself and teach them same, how to control your anger and calm yourself, this will surely bring a change.

    • Kids shout and show aggression on those things which do not make any logic or sense, you just calmly tell them that they won’t be getting what they want unless they ask nicely without shouting, and this will surely make them understand and teach them.

    • In order to teach your kid on how to manage their anger, firstly you must learn that too, because mommies, your kid will learn from you, if you can’t manage your anger, then they will do the same and maybe there will be a time when this will become hard for you to manage your kids anger because mostly, aggression can lead to their teenager period as well and they will get violent. 

    • Sometimes mom’s think, their kid should be aggressive, so that they can be tough in front of the world, and can manage themselves but this is not the right way, you should teach them principles as well, try to talk to them, help them with fighting issues, and encourage them to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

    So, mommies this is not only a step of change for you kid but for you as well! Fill them with love and knowledge. 

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