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    Are You Looking Forward to Taking a Baby Moon?

    Sonali Shivlani

    So what’s a baby moon? It refers to the last vacation before the arrival of baby. This is when you get a chance to get away and enjoy a romantic holiday. This can be a fun and exciting experience. So what’s the time to plan a baby moon?? The most ideal time is during the second trimester till the early part of 3rd trimester. At this time most of your pregnancy symptoms are tolerable so that you can have more energy to enjoy what you have planned.

    But here are a few things to be careful about :

    • Traveling is tricky while you are pregnant so check with your doctor if it is safe for you to travel.
    • Plan a short trip which does not include long hours of flight or road travel. And if you have longer flights then walk around every couple of hours and same goes for road travel this will increase your circulation and will prevent blood clots.
    • Do not aim for exotic destinations which may have very small aircraft. This can cause more turbulence and the air pressure is not well maintained.
    • Carry all your prenatal records with you. This is important because if there is some emergency or problem while you travel at least someone have information about your pregnancy and can contact your consultant doctor.
    • Ensure you have travel medical insurance if traveling abroad which covers pregnancy.
    • Carry some healthy snacks like nuts seeds and granola with you for emergency.
    • Do not plan a very hectic schedule as you will want to rest and relax and take it easy.
    • Carry your doctors emergency contact details.

    So however, you plan your baby moon be sure to enjoy it to the fullest! Have a safe and fun trip.

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