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    Learning Disability

    Safaa Asif

    Learning disability (LD) is a neurological disorder that affects the processing. The processing problem here refers affects in the child's ability to learn/ understand basic reading, writing or math skills. It has also known to influence different aspects such as organization, long term or short term memory, time management, attention and higher reasoning skills.

    Often the diagnosis of this difficulty happens when the child is going to school. when they are identified early on in school it is better, since they will then be at a position to receive more attention and assistance from teachers, special educators and therapists. LD does not mean the child is always having a lowered mental capacity. Sometimes children with LD are known to have above average intelligence, but there is a gap in the self utilization of the child's abilities.

    Based on the difficult area faced by the child learning disabilities are classified as:

    1. Dyslexia: difficulty in reading and its associated language based processing skills

    2.dyscalculia: difficulty in math or understanding the number concepts

    3.dysgraphia: affecting the individuals handwriting and other fine motor skills.

    4.processing deficit: LD is also connected to processing deficits. They have trouble relating to the sensory data and then this causes them challenges in the classroom, without any additional support. The deficits can be related to hearing or vision, which creates difficulty in integrating information.

    The diagnosis is done through various tests administered by the professionals - The pediatrician who then refers them to neurologist, the psychologist, occupational therapist and speech Language Pathologist. They then work on creating an intervention program along with special educators for assisting the children in the classroom set up based on their needs. 

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